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At the foot of Tianshan, Jiangnan Meyun "" is moving …

One is a Hemu civilization with a history of eight thousand years, one is an ancient country from the bronze era; one is Jiangnan mean, one is the Western style; one is the starting point of the sea Silk Road, one is the land of the Silk Road road. The "one" is closely connected with the "one" "one", which is a major deployment in the Party Central 2010 – Zhejiang Ningbo supports Xinjiang Kuo.

Since then, the River River Bo Wave is a turtle. In December 2019, Ningbo 10th batch of cadres took a burden and opened a new round of counterpart support. "The new era of party rule Xinjiang strategy requires us to make the nation a sense of community rooted in the depths of the soul." Ningbo Yuan Jiang headquarters party secretary, following the single commander Cheng said that several groups of Yuanjiang basis of the previous, Ningbo helped from the initial funding, project construction turned to the ideological construction, cultural integration, education and support, and rural residence.

Party construction, from the "Heart", enter the parking car hotel, a "Constitution of the People’s Republic of China (swearing this)" is placed on the room table, and the book page hits the volume, is not a new look. Obviously, many guests have read. The car is sent to Qiaoyang Village, and I haven’t got off the bus. The melodious melody passed. Populus villagers are rectifying songs and dances, and traditional twelve woodcam sangs a new red song.

Songs under the grape rack and bright national costumes.

To the Kuir Car People’s Hospital, patients who come to visit will receive a "love service contact card". A small contact card, the contact information of the department and the doctor, and a good-looking word: "I am a communist party member, I really care for your health.

"This is the current ku car, jumped in red dynamism everywhere. How to make the party flag hunting in the border area? These years have never put down. Many years exploration practice, the headquarters jointly, the city committee organizational department has implemented" concentric, " The "five-hearted" party building brands of the heart, the heart, the heart, the heart, and "" This is a party building project for school, 上海完美kb新地址 rural, community, hospital, non-public corporate party building alliance, classification. " The goal is to, standardized standardization creates a batch of party building demonstration points, so that the grassroots party builds comprehensive progress and is comprehensive.

The Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Command, and the deputy commander Zhang Shangbing said.

Can see blue sky and white clouds, for the 5-year-old little, the happiness of the lost is very strong. The family is clear, this is the party of Ningbo, the party, gave the child bright.

Previously, Xiao Wu, which had congenital glaucoma, my eyes were very high, and the vision was declining year by year, and even things other than 20 cm. Congenital glaucoma usually should surgery in infancy, but this is not rich family, but it is no longer. In November 2020, the first eye saw Xiao Wu, Ningbo aid doctor Zhou Yuzhen was shocked: "The eyeball increases significantly, and 95% of the child has lost.

If you don’t treat it, you will not be completely blind.

"He moved right away, with Ningbo Eye Hospital urgent decision, and then She went back to Ningbo free surgery.

Although we missed the best treatment period, but small remnants of my sight saved. "Then a small drop of water, and let him feel the care and warmth of the motherland party." In the General Assembly, a small village on my home, villagers were returning the doctor’s words deeply touched, the applause suddenly sounded. "This is our party building ‘heart health’, medical doctors heart disease even more." Zhangshang Bing said.

Even the heart, from the "text" Start "Please give me a Medicare card.

"" Please give me the medicine.

"Libraries automobile market People’s Hospital, a ward, Pazi to mention · Yihai Amat physician at this time the patient became" teacher. "Bed, four Uighur patients become" students "to learn over and over again with her the language in WUQIA WUQIA a town, a village of Tash-Ashanti in the yard, planted with colorful flowers. his 6-year-old granddaughter to buy Jai, openly danced "our motherland is garden "- this is a kindergarten teacher taught his sophomore daughter is now hot Ziya ideal is to go to college to go out and see the world.

Even the heart, first of all start from the culture. Ningbo Yuan Jiang headquarters to actively explore the cultural Run Xinjiang. Open deck of cards, from "One, two, three, four" to "sun, moon, water, fire" and other commonly used base words, spelling, italics everything.

In the village reading room in the hospital ward, in the community room, the deck to teach literacy among moisten things silently. This is Ningbo Yuan Jiang headquarters to serve the adult minority people and the development of national common language elements card, free of charge.

Playing cards, entertainment will be able to learn the language. Learn the language, they can help people of all nationalities to better employment and 上海星月群喝茶 entrepreneurship.

"Want to migrant workers, language can not communicate." Poplar Village · hot sand to mention that Amat had trouble solved by playing cards.

"After the national common language to learn, grow vegetables, raise cattle and sheep, are a direct phone call to ask the Treasury to build the mainland boss, my income has doubled." WUQIA three villages of Ahmat Yushan said.

Today, this entertaining way in Kuqa rural communities everywhere. "Learn better, rewarding toothpaste, toothbrush, learning will be organized into Ningbo good to see the sea. Today, we are developing an upgraded version of the deck where you can have a maximum of 300 words.

"Zhang Shangbing said.

Help, from "education" working library automobile bright road, Ningbo aided Yinglin kindergarten.

Teaching front decorated with Ningbo sages – "Three Character Classic" bust of Wang Yinglin.

Building, there are cultural wall full of innocence, there Hemudu, Tianyi Pavilion Library and other cultural elements for the content of puzzle collage corridor, there are children’s play area folk – Ningbo features Street side, one side is Kucha style street. "The first day of school enrollment, before dawn lined up on the nursery door." Kindergarten, teacher Lihai Zhen Ningbo Yuan Jiang said that this year had planned to recruit only five small classes, now shift, large classes are recruited, class expanded to 14, it failed to fully meet the demand. "Welcome to Wang Yangming The ECS ……" In the automobile market Yangming school library, Uighur children Nuofei Sha · Mystic fluent in Mandarin, explain to visitors from Wang’s life story and ideas.

In addition to ECS, which is run by the Ningbo-aided school also offers a number of features classrooms traditional culture, there is chess, zither, calligraphy and so on.

Vice President Yang Yan said that more and more children fall in love with these cultural programs.

Relying on high-quality educational resources Ningbo, Ningbo, one on one aid and hosted model schools in Kuqa.

Yinglin kindergartens responsible for hosting the Group of Ningbo Yinzhou District Lee Wai Lee preschool, primary school will become Yangming Yuyao City Dongfeng Education Group Campus.

The College of Family feelings Angeles College of Jiangbei District of Ningbo Wai-ching, now under construction will be put into use next year.

The fine traditional culture into the campus, from an early age so that children can get to know the book courtesy of influence, is a common feature of these aided schools.

Revitalization, from the "technical" breakthrough "Yong sweet 5" Ningbo City Academy self-cultivation of melons. A few years ago, Ningbo provide free seed, and underpinning sold to farmers, opened up a rich way to Kuqa farmers, "Yong sweet 5" is called "national unity melon." 2020 May, library modern automobile Branch Center for Agricultural established.

"Through technical improvements, the traditional agricultural products more suitable for industrial production, more and more new varieties of achievements." Ningbo Yuan Jiang headquarters industry group, deputy head of Maoguo Bo said.

"Yong sweet 5" and "Yong Sweet 7" Later there will be a "national rejuvenation melon," the new name. From unity to revitalize, Ningbo Yuan Jiang headquarters will consolidate tackling poverty and implementation of rural revitalization combined in Kuqa economic development and improving people’s livelihood and achieve common development and common prosperity on making unremitting efforts. WUQIA a village was an unknown village, now also has a new name – Ningbo library revitalization of the village.

Headquarters building here is a demonstration base village revitalization project. "This is a collective village cooperatives, rural unified planning and construction, unified operation, in order to support the industry as the core, and constantly enhance the ‘blood’ function and long-term benefits, and promote the development of fusion one hundred twenty-three production, the progressive realization of industry, human resources, culture, five of the revitalization of the ecological objectives, organization. "relevant responsible person said, the village has been introduced Huaneng logistics, catering, B & B RV, nuts park, Qinzaiyueyuan other projects, rural industry formats continue to enrich.

Ashanti-Tash is the master agricultural village, his house original 22 acres of land.

Yong revitalization of the village library after the project started, he will be 19 acres in a co-op shares of the way to unified operation, the annual dividend to be much higher than the original land of farming income. Now Ningbo library revitalization of the village, the village construction has begun to take shape.

There are wide entrance to the village square of the village activities, rows of houses tourist services, go inside, part of the trunk road, landscape and stadiums have been built, and the rest in the tight construction of the building.

At the foot of the Tianshan Mountains, you will have a southern village.

(Editor: Li Long, Han Ting) Sharing let more people see.



From now on, Zhangzhou will focus on five work for the city’s face to change "new color"

  From now, Zhangzhou will focus on the five works for the city’s face to change "Xin Yan", Zhangzhou Daily reporter, Keke’s photo (data map), make full use of mechanized sweeping vehicles and equipment, strengthen the sanitary cleaning of the main import and export channels, etc. Cleaning, ensure no waste, environmental dirty phenomenon; improve cleaning and cleaning 上海实体海选 mechanization work level, ensure the streets and lane clean, neat. Optimize mechanized sanitation operation vehicles and equipment, centralized manpower, material resources, adjust the sweeping vehicle, sprinkler, sidewalk rinse truck, guardrail cleaning car, etc. Rinse operations, strengthen the 爱上海龙凤 cleaning of municipal sanitation facilities such as peel box, railings, light boxes.

  Standardize domestic garbage collection and clearing operation system, doing people, train, fixed-job, timely clearing fruit leather box, garbage collection point garbage, do a good job in garbage collection station, garbage transfer station, garbage transport vehicle maintenance, ensuring domestic garbage The collection facilities are running normally, and the domestic waste is not long-term stack.

  Carry out the public toilet service investigation, the public toilet, wash, deodorant facilities, discover damage, and improve the timely maintenance replacement, and improve the daily inspection maintenance system, ensure the public toilets clean, health, clean, facilities.

  Comprehensive investigation of waste 上海品茶服务 incineration power plants, urban organic waste collaborative treatment plants, domestic landfill, etc. Environmental protection facilities such as environmental protection facilities, accounting, and listing, ensuring that pollutants reach standard emissions.

(Chuanjiang Metropolis reporter Xu Yaqin) (Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Gao Hongxia).



Feature Biodiversitt in China

LonglongtrinktMilchimZucht-undRettungszentrumfürAsiatischeElefanteninYunnan, (CICPHOTO / LiYunsheng) vonRotrautWittkowskiSHANGHAI, (Xinhua) – LonglonghatGlüimUrwaldYunnanszurückgelassenhatte, üterdesNationalreservatsXishuangbannaimSüdwestenChinasfandenLonglongundbrachtendenkleinen, 上海虹口区油压资源 hilflosenRüüü, derinzwische, erfolgtChenaufSchrittundTritt "FürLonglongbinichseineFamilie", sagtChen, whrenddieleiblichenElterndeskleinen ,,, dasssichdieZahlderWildelefantenimNationalreservatXishuangbannasogutentwickelt-auchdankdesEngagementsvielerTierschü,: AufderErdesindeineMillionArtenvomAussterbenbedroht EinedramatischeEntwicklung, übereinkommenüberdiebiologischeVielfalt (ConventiononBiologicalDiversity-CBD.! ) ü, übereinkommensderVereintenNationen (UN) überdiebiologischeVielfalt (COP15) inKunminginderProvinzYunnanimSüdwestenChinas, (Xinhua / LiXin) (COP15) nununterchinesischerFederfü, demRegierungssitzYunnans, erarbeitetendieVertretervonknapp200Staatendie "ErklrungvonKunming" .DabeihandeltessichumeinneuesambitioniertesAbkommen, welcheslau tZhaoYingmin, VizeministerdeschinesischenMinisteriumsfürkologieundUmwelt, einenglobalenRahmenfütaltungverabschiedetwerden, (unterzeichneten) EntwurffürdasglobaleAbkommenverpflichtensichdieLnder, bis2050 "imEinklangmitderNaturzuleben" .Dafürwerden21 "ZielefürdringendeManahmen" lltwerdenunddieAusgabenfürdenArtenschutzinnerhziertwerden, dieVerschwendungvonLebensmittelnundRessourcenhnalrichtungsweisendeErgebnissevorweisen: Sohatsiemitden "rotenLinien" (Red-Line-Strategy) alsersteNationdenAbschlusseinesgigantischenUmweltschutzprojektesangekündigt, welchesbereits2017zumErhaltderBiodiversitteingeführtwurde- "rotenLinien" handeltessichimübertragenenSinneumGrundlinienundLebensaderninRegionen, ütztwerdendortunteranderemdieBiodiversitt, Wasser-undBodenressourcen; stabilisiertwerdendieKüstenkologieundderWümEjin-BannerinderAutonomenRegionInnereMongoleiinNordchina, (Xinhua / LiuLei) AlleinindernordchinesischenRegionIn, dieetwaderGrederiberischenHalbinselentsprechen, umfassenGrasland, rchdiechinesischeRegierunggeschützt,sondernauchmitvielEiferundüünfjahresplanü, dieQinling-Berge, dasJangtse-BeckenunddenGelbenFlussziehensichdie "rotenLinien" -siemarkierenauchdiespek, rettetendie "rotenLinien" ürkologieundUmweltsinddiePopulationenvonwildenRiesenpandas, sibirischenTigern, Haubenibissen, tibetischenAntilopen, Wildelefanten, Milu-Hirschen, Gibbonsücken, lassendieBehrdenauffreienFlchenBambus, Bambuspalmen ,,,, ühungen, diekosystemedesartenreichenLandesdurchkreative, innovativeAnstzeundimStrebennachHarmoniezwischenMenschundNaturzuschüahmenbedingungeneingeführt, dieStrafverfolgungerweitert ( ), sodassdasTie, derimNationalenNaturreservatfürWeikopflangureninderStadtChongzuoimAutonomenGebietGuangxiderZhuang-NationalittinSüdchinaaufeinemAstsitzt, (Xinhua / ZhouHua) ChinasneueAufstellungbedrohterTiereumfasst980ArtenundachtKategorien ,, üdwestlichenKarstregionenChinas, imNaturreservatChongzuo, hatdiegrteweltweitnochexistierendeLanguren-GruppeeingeschüünbewaldeteMonolithenausKalkstein, derenzerklüübererfolgteinregelrechtesSpektakelamFuederKalkstein formationen: 上海新茶论坛 WeikopflangurenpeitschenspielenddurchdieBumeoderlabensichandenschmackhaftenFrüü, machensiesichdeshalbaufdenheimtüc, hochüberdenFlutendesFlussesMingJiangundinmittenJahrtausendealterHhlenmalereien, ützendaskologischeUmfeldundachtendarauf, dasstrotzderbesonderenLandschaftundLebensweisedüunan, zumSchauplatzseinesMega-Blockbusters "Avatar" .DerFilmavanciertezueinemdererfolgreichstenallerZeitenunddie "Avatar-Berge" wurdenüberNachtberüonalparks, derseit30JahrenzumUNESCO-Welterbegehrt: überden300Metertiefen "GrandCanyonvonZhangjiajie" führtein400MeterlangerglsernerSkywalk; dannistdanochderBailong-Glas-Fahrstuhl, ürdieBesucheraberistdassogenannteHimmelstor, einriesiges, natürlichesLochinderKlippedeshchstenBergesTianmenshan (1519Meter ) .UndauchhiersorgteinGlasboden-Skywalkfü, diegleichzeitigzumUNESCO-Welterbezhlen,: unberührteNatur, 上海贵族宝贝油压论坛 atemberaubendeBerglandschaftenundeineVielzahlvonSeenundWasserfllen ,, derUrwaldinLiboundChinasauergewhnlicheWüstenlandschaften, wiejenederWüstenGobiundTaklamakan,durchdiedielegendreSeidenstraefüühjahr, wennerneutKunmingSchauplatzfürdieUnterzeichnungderAbschlusserklrungderUN-KonferenzzurbiologischenVielfaltist, werdendiechinesischenVerdinsogarpersnlicheinBildvondenFortschrittenChinasmachen: miteinemBesuchimNationalparkXishuangbannabeiLonglong, derdannsicherlichschonseinebeidenPflegerüberragenwird (gemderNachrichtenagenturXinhua)..



CITIC Bank Qingshan Lake Branch launched an optimized enterprise and personal account opening publicity

In order to further improve the quality of enterprises and personal accounting services, improve customer satisfaction, recently, CITIC Bank Nanchang Qingshan Lake Branch responds to the total branch, and launched the "Optimized Enterprise and Personal Account Opening" publicity. In order to make this event, the propaganda work taken during 上海后花园1314最新 上海哪里可以海选的场子 the active branch during the event, scrolling the propaganda slogan to optimize the enterprise account and personal accounting, and each customer visited Explain the process and way of promoting the opening of the account, placing a publicity folding page, distributes the publicity folding of the open account to the community residents, shops and enterprises, and make the people to dispel the "open space" concerns in various propaganda methods, promotion in publicity Details, patient answers the masses to make various issues, let the masses have a new understanding of the account opening and personal account, and praise the professional and services of the propaganda personnel, and conducts business and individuals Different publicity models.

Through this publicity, the masses understand the use of the entire process 宝山油压店 of optimizing the enterprise account and individual accounting and accounts, better improving the public’s awareness of the service work of optimizing enterprise accounting and personal accounting, in order to improve enterprises And personal accounting efficiency, improving the business environment and launch a solid foundation. (Editor: Qiu Wei, Shuai) Sharing let more people see.



2021 China Western International Purchasing will open the western purchase of West China on December 24 – rolling news

[Abstract] In order to promote a bigger step in the economic high quality development of Shaanxi Province, we will help build international trade channels with high efficiency, low cost, excellent service, from December 24th to 26th, and the 2nd China West International. The Procurement Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the country’s exhibition) will be held at Xi’an International Convention and Exhibition Center.

  In order to promote the high-quality development of Shaanxi Province, we will help build an international trade channel with high efficiency, low cost and excellent service inland areas. From December 24th to 26th, the 2nd China West International Purchasing Exhibition (The following referred to as the state) will be held at Xi’an International Convention and Exhibition Center.

  上海喝茶资源分享As a 521, Shaanxi Key Economic and Trade Activities, Major Exhibition, the 2nd China Western International Purchasing Exhibition, from Shaanxi Provincial Trade Conference, Xi’an Trade Promotion, Shaanxi Fruit Industry Association, invited more than 620 suppliers at home and abroad, nearly 1,000 purchases Participants. According to reports, the exhibition area of ??Wanmarti meters is set up, and the four exhibition areas, consumer goods and agricultural products exhibition areas, and Culture Exhibition areas are set up. Among them, the area of ??the fruit exhibition area is also the most bright, mainly showing the domestic and external fresh fruit, high-end fruit cultivation technology and deep processing products, imported fruit, fruit cold chain technology and application, fruit industry production input, orchard and fruit 上海龙凤自荐论坛 processing machinery, fruit points Select products such as detection technology, fruit seed seed seedling cultivation techniques.

At that time, many Shaanxi famous products will be admitted to the "Shaanxi" country. On December 24th, the opening day of the country, "Mumei Turi Cup" China Good Apple Competition (2021) Finals, promoting the industry chain high quality development and international procurement theory will also start on the same day.

During the exhibition, a special promotion meeting, the economic and trade docking negotiation, "one-on-one" docking negotiation and other activities, using big data analysis procurement list, trade map, online matching negotiation and online docking negotiation, etc., multi-form, more Channel, all-round, provide accurate pairing services to ensure pragmatic, accurate, efficient; highlighting the purchase of buyers invited to organize this key, there are more than 1,000 companies entering Shaanxi foreign trade trading platform, so that companies can not go out home Develop a global market.

  Liu Ling, Vice President of Shaanxi Fruit Industry Association, introduced that China is the world’s largest apple producer and consumer, Shaanxi Apple is a world-renowned brand and is known as a national ceremony. Take this time, the national elite fruit farmers will collect Xi’an, the quality of the fruit quality, exchange planting experience, and become an important topic activity of this exhibition, will promote communication between Apple’s production and sales, promote the high-quality development of Apple industry, poverty alleviation, rural resolution Contribute. Hua Shangxin reporter Yu Zhen Source: Hua Shang.com – China Business News.



CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection agencies, the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, the State Commission jointly issued the "Notice on serious general discipline to strengthen the supervision of the general trend"

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, February 2 – From the beginning in 2021, local leading bodies at all levels will continue to be general.

In order to implement the requirements of the Party Central Committee on the discipline of serious researcies, ensure the smooth development of the reward, create a constant consensus environment, January 2021, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Ministry of Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and the National Operator’s Commission issued "About" Notice of serious discipline to strengthen the chapel Supervision (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"), requiring all localities to conscientiously implement it. "Notice" that, since the party’s 18, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the party’s implementation of a new era of organizational line, establish the correct selection and employment-oriented, in-depth remediation unhealthy selection and appointment, do general work such as making a The series is important, and the direction of the serious discipline is indicated, and it provides follows.

The Party Central Committee adheres to the whole world from stricting the party, sustained the right to be anti-corruption, the discipline of the majority of party members and cadres is further enhanced. At the same time, it is also necessary to clearly recognize that the corruption and unfairing winds in the selection of people are still banned. Some local political ecosystems have not been completely repaired. The risk hazards of interference destruction have not been completely eliminated. During the change period, it is often problematic. Multi-issue, it must be highly valued, further strict discipline requirements.

  "Notice" stipulates that strict discipline, resolutely maintain the seriousness of the replacement. First, it is strictly forbidden to join the party branch, the gang, the top and down, engage in the group, the group, the small circle, the crowd, any kid, reject the abnormal, cultivation of personal forces, the integration of interest group, will give Party discipline .

Second, it is strictly forbidden to draw a bribery, and give gifts gift gifts for giving gifts, arrange consumption activities, express mail, e-red envelopes, online transfer, etc. To engage in non-organizational activities such as tours, tandem, help, etc.

Third, it is strictly forbidden to buy officials and sell them with the purpose of seeking position, improving rank treatment, etc. deal with.

Fourth, it is strictly forbidden to take the official, to take the relationship between the relationship or the need to take the job, improve the position of the position, and will not be promoted or further used, and regard the plot is lightweight to give criticism, organizational handling or party discipline. Fifth, it is strictly forbidden to say that the individual decided to replace the party organization collective research, authority, hint, designated to promote the adjustment of the candidate, and cancel the relevant appointment decision, and seriously investigate the responsibility of relevant leaders and related personnel.

Sixth, it is strictly forbidden to say love, recommend nomination for others, promote the adjustment of dredging, illegal intervention or the original area and unit cadres selection, etc. As the case of leading cadres, the violation intervention, the case, and depending on The plot is lighter to criticize education, organizational treatment or party discipline.

Seven is to prevent violations, and adjust the cadres and adjust the operation of the session, and the overtime can be discharged, and it will be invalid, and the relevant personnel shall be treated according to the regulations. Eight is to prohibit the leakage of running winds, confidential information such as disclosure, proliferation, and other personnel arrangements, will be held accountable. Nine is strictly forbidden to fake, tampering, fake cadre personnel file materials, concealing or distorting the truth in the exchange inspection work, and will be corrected, and the relevant personnel will give organizational handling or party discipline. 上海闵行水磨工作室24小时 Ten is strictly forbidden to interfere, and strictly prevent, strictly prevent, resolutely crack down on the dismantling of the enemy, and the dismissal of the evil forces, family forces, religious force interference, and provide funding or funding or Training, threat, deception, and lure, etc. "Notice" emphasized that adhere to education first, warning first, prevention in the first, always through the ideological and political work Results, educating party members and representatives, members enhance the "four awareness", firm "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", and exercise democratic rights.

Widely conduct talks, remind the key position cadres and related personnel to take the lead in compensation of discipline, and grasp the long-term prematureness of the seedlings.

In-depth meticulous ideology work,上海龙凤地图 education guides them to speak political, spectating the overall situation, obeying the rules, correctly treating position changes, correcting the relationship between individuals and organizations, withdrawing the name, weight, position test, conscious acceptance Obey organization arrangements. Do a good job in disciplinary learning education, and promptly printed relevant leading cadres and related personnel, adopt a central group study, special party class, concentrated training, etc. Disciplinary requirements.

Through the information platform such as news media and "12380", "12371", in-depth propaganda discipline requirements, let the cadres and masses know, participate in supervision. In-depth warning education, organize to watch the serious disciplined education warning feature film, pay attention to the use of local investigation violations 上海qm网 to discipline the discipline case, adopting a democratic life meeting, warning education club, etc. Cadres learned from the lessons and consciously follow the rules. The "Notice" requires the investigation and punishment of severe supervision, and always maintains serious discipline.

Keep staring at key links in key areas to carry out supervision, strengthen analytical and judgment, risk investigation, key areas, key links and weak parts of the supervision, and to make a targeted, accurate supervision. Strictly change the recommended nomination of the nomination work supervision, resolutely prevent "disease nomination".

Strictly reimbursing policies and system regulations supervision, ensuring that the transfer policy, selecting the work procedures and system effective implementation.

Strengthen the chapere supervision and inspection, and organizational departments at all levels must cooperate with the discipline inspection organs to carry out tourism supervision and key inspection of the exchanges.

During the election election, the superiors should serve the supervision team, and conduct live supervision of the selection election and conference style.

During the replacement period, the inspection team should pay attention to strengthen the supervision of local exchanges, and earnestly understand the discipline of exchanges.

Pay attention to the role of inspection and supervision, and incorporate the discipline of the change in the disorder and compliance. From the strict examination of violations of laws and discipline, make full use of petitions, "12380" report acceptance platform, real-time monitoring and understanding of the atmosphere, and accepting reports to reflect the discipline of violations, priority. Establish an interview office and quick check fast-knot mechanism, and the problem of discovery is fast; if necessary, the superior organizational department will send office or direct inspection of the discipline inspection and monitoring organs. If the discipline of violations, according to the discipline, according to the law, according to the law, it is seriously dealt with, and the typical case is notified. Establishing an indigenous inspection and clarification of the work mechanism, which is not impacting nominated use, causing adverse effects in a timely manner; seriously dealing with malicious reporting and false accusation behavior.

  "Notice" emphasizes that it is necessary to press the right responsibility to strengthen the organization leadership of the chain of ventilation supervision. The party committees at all levels have fulfilled the responsibility of the main responsibility, and the party committee secretary fulfilled the responsibility of the first responsible person, putting the serious discipline, strengthening the inventive atmosphere supervision and reselection work together, deploying together, implementing, preventing risk hazards. The discipline inspection and supervision organs perform supervision responsibilities, to focus on the problem, follow up, iron wrists, serious accountability, and resolutely maintain the discipline of discipline.

Organizational departments perform direct responsibilities, strict implementation of the system, adhere to the principles, do not shake, implement standards are not going, the performance procedures are not changed, and the serious discipline, and strengthen the measures of the extension of the atmosphere.

Party Group, Government Party, CPPCC, Party Group, Propaganda, Dragonfly, Political and Legal, Net Letter, etc. should give full play to functional role, responsibility, and grasp the co-management to form a synergy.

Implement the residential air supervision responsibility system, put the chapels as an assessment and evaluation leadership team and leading cadres to implement the party’s party’s subjective responsibility, strengthen the important content of political construction, resulting in failure to perform responsibility, leading to the inconsistency of the region, discipline relaxation If there is a non-organizational activity in disadvantages, the election of the election has been responsible for the responsibility of relevant party organizations and related personnel according to law.



Chengdu Daxie held "Tianfu Tourism Name" gold medal sign

Daxie became the third batch of Tianfu Tourism Name County. Daxie County Rong Media Center for map People’s Network Chengdu September 28 (Wang Bo) Today, 2021 Sichuan Provincial Culture and Tourism Development Conference was held in Jiuzhaigou County, Aba Prefecture.

Under the attention of the guests in the province, 11 units including Datun County have been awarded, officially become the third batch of Tianfu Tourism Name County.

In 2021, Tianfu Tourist Country is selected to enter the third year, and the competition is more fierce, and the Daxie stands out, and the precious quota is extracted. At the General Assembly, the Daxie County Party Secretary Lianhua represents the county father and the old folks, I have received this heavy honor.

Since the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee, "Solidly do a good job in cultural tourism development, name a batch of Tianfu Tourism Name County, and the Pillar Industry of the Wenbao Economy has become 上海外卖品茶群 Sichuan" has been three years.

For three consecutive years, Datun County persisted unremitting, and he held the famous county of Tianfu.

The three-year creation experience is still in the eye.

Daxi County established a leading group of the head of the county party secretary and the county magistrate; the county’s ups and down unite collaboration, truthfully grasped the solid, scientific 上海龙凤按摩 policy, and introduced more than 10 support policies, and formed a number of special wisks.

At the same time, all of the great people are actively involved, everyone cares about the creation, everyone is involved in the creation. Today’s Daxie, Wenta brand effect set gathering.

"Manor Wenbo, Snow Mountain Hot Spring" Theme Resource is highlighted, with the uniqueness and monopoly of the country; there are 45 national cultural resources, 6 national 4A scenic spots; build 44 unique "风 雅韵" special forest Dish, more than 100 "hometown wild luxury" boutique, 9 Ctrip Five Star Hotels, 11 famous drinks branded, more than 2,000 special tourism products, provide high-quality resort tourism products for the general public visitors. Successfully created Tianfu Tourism Name County, this is the first step to stand in a new starting point, moving towards a new journey, is both a brilliant honor, but also a heavy responsibility.

Daxi will take the successful creation of Tianfu tourist counties as an opportunity to create a national 5A-level tourist scenic spot in Anrenus Town, further "doing, rang, polish" Tianfu Tournaising County Golden Visit, for Sichuan to accelerate the construction of cultural provinces Tourism strong contribution to the strength of Daxie.

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Admission notice is attached to business advertising? College response

In order to avoid the 2021 newborn and parents are being deceived, the Admission Office of Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is solemn: the school admission notice EMS includes an admission notice, 2021 new enrollment instructions, Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Association, Shaanxi Family Economic Difficult Student Student Cum National Education 上海龙凤shlf会员 Funding Form, ordinary college new students should enter the Wuhui leaflet, welcome the new system and payment platform operation instructions, payment tips bag, 2021 newborn commemoration, Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, introduction, Admissions Publicity Volunteers Association, except for the above materials In addition, other items are sent to schools and have nothing to do with schools. Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine said that any individual, company or agency is bundled or sold in the name of the Nonification of Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the school will retain the right to pursue their legal responsibility. The reporter learned that as early as August 2020, the Ministry of Education issued the "Notice on Further Doing the Work of Admission 上海最高档的水疗会所 Notice for 上海宝山区按摩快餐 Colleges and Universities", which is strictly forbidden to send colleges and postal enterprises in the admission notice mail, entrained with new students Promotional materials such as commercial advertisements, it is strictly forbidden to send other items that do not meet the delivery requirements. It is strictly forbidden to charge the new recruitment notice.



Fruit refers to those things that Zuo Zongtang in the northwest (13)

According to this medioculine doctor, Square is continuing, and this root will never be removed, and it is not expected to "have one day of sickness". This metaphor is very sharp and exact.

He proposed to the Qing government: "Funitioning on the Chongqi Function, will be the minister of the minister, the prime minister of the prime minister, the six Jiuqing and the general supervisor, the various people see you .

"He finally said:

"Plan, Strategy, Policy," The big public in the world, what is the secret? "Public in the world, the tang is right, it is straightforward, you can Yang Guowei, see it."

Zuo Zongtang’s advocity and attitude toward Yili issues, the decision of the Qing court’s decision to the normals in Chongqing.

On December 17, after the Qing government received a letter from Zuo Zongtang, it was released, and Zuo Zongtang was played: "Due to Dong Che", the depth is the first to talk about the first. The decision is the battle of the battle, and it is just soft to use. All border defense in the north and south of Xinjiang, that is, the supervisor preparation, to prepare 上海闵行东川路全套 for anxious.

In the future, the machine should be used, and the supervisor will be able to train the whole game.

("Clear Record" 53) On December 26, Zuo Zongji was discovered to Beijing.

In the seventh day, on January 2, 1880, the Qing government will advocate the respect for each department as the suggestion of Zuo Zongtu. On February 19, 1880 (10th, the Qing government), the Qing government issued a national book to Russia, saying that the Treaty of the Chongqi’s "There are more violations", "" Things are more abundant ", The Dali Temple Shaoqing Zeng Jize is a "peaceful business" that makes the minister of Russia, Xi. According to the recommendations of Zuo Zhan and others, the Qing government adopts the correct decision of this maintenance of 上海水磨场子 the country’s territorial sovereignty and national interests, which greatly hits the invasion of the Russia, so that the retraction of Yili negotiations from the Chongqi to Zeng Ze. Zuo Zongtang also turned into a new stage of force to support the negotiations of Russia with force.

If it is said that Yili hosted by Zuo Zongtang to the Russian, then to the registration of Zeng Jize made the Russian retrieval to talk about a "Zeng Zeng Zeng Ze is a major turning, the end, Russia is afraid. I took the risk of being lost, thus making a war in the war, making the Will crisis that the warship, so that the situation that returned to Yili is extremely severe! The Qing government refused to accept the "Riva Treaty" and the Chongqing, immediately inspired the madness of the Sand Russian government. On November 22闵行区干磨, Guangxu (January 3, 1880), the Saudo Affairs Office of Kaiyangde protested to the Prime Minister Tuen Mun, and the following flag returned to the country, cut the diplomatic relationship; in addition, also deployed in the Sino-Russian border Lu Navy, applied military pressure. The relations between the two countries have deteriorated sharply.

In the face of the huge military stress of Saula, the Qing government is also forced to take the corresponding countermeasures, order Zuo Zongtang to make a war in northwest, while strengthening the army to strengthen the border against the Northeast. At that time, Russia forbidden to clear the government’s booking treaties, in addition to political blackmail, it also increased its strength in my country’s Northeast border, and dispatched warships to my country, and invited States to invite countries in China in China.

In the northwest, it is also its key area of ??the creation of war. For example, in the first half of 1880, there were more than 11,500 people in the first half of 1880, and the soldiers added more than 5 times more than it added to Yili.

In addition, it is also prepared from Siberia to ride more than 9,000 people from Siberia, 4,600 from Fairnna to the Kashgar border. Moreover, the aggressor army in Yili is actively preparing for war, some "crossed the road", and even "cross-border resident"; some of the army, "as long as the Sound will come forward!" "Some even yelling:" We can defeat – thousand Chinese! "Thus:" Chinese days are very bad.

"Not only that, Caufman, who took the town Tashkee, also called Berkhi-guy, asked him to gestrate the gangster to violate Kashgar, to remove the Chinese, restore" Qi City Khan ". Russia is also preparing" – Once and China completely broken, The violent attack on Junggar will be initiated in early 1881.

The wars of Saudo, although as the trend of the black cloud, the military and civilians in my country are not afraid, and they will never be weak. "Inside and outside the city, the streets of Russian incidents, the streets, the streets, and there is no battle to be fast." Sichuan Governor Ding Baozhen recommended to strengthen the Northeast defense, advocate "strong tolerance, hundreds of mats", also said to the Qing court: " With the dog’s horses, the Russian Tang, "" "

"More represents the embassy of nationality and pride in the mainland’s Taoism. Empty and unattended "! With Li Hongzhang, he was intimidated by the Russian momentum, and Zuo Zongtang calm and objectively analyzed the enemy’s situation. He knows himself, his chest is bamboo, not afraid, and there is a win belief. Zuo Zongtang analysis The situation is considered to "non-use soldiers charge Yili" cannot be.

He is firmly mainly war, not against talk, take the initiative to provoke the war, but "waiting for it", "cautious", to prepare for the back shield of the negotiation, deal with Russia’s war.

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Hangzhou still needs to be alert to the continuous heavy rain caused by typhoon

  On September 13th, the trend of "Canada" on this year will take the heart. As of 8:00 on 上海男士品茶 the 13th, the typhoon "Canada" (strong typhoon level) center is approximately 298 kilometers from the north direction of Hangzhou, the maximum wind force 14 (42 m / s), 955 Bapta. It is expected that "Canopy" will move in the northern direction at a speed of about 5 kilometers per hour, and the strength is slowly decreased. On the 14th, the Yangtze River is slowly moved or swimmed in the eastern sea, and it began to move in the northeast of the northeast on the 16th. Affected by "Canopy", from 8:00 to 20, Hangzhou City has shower, of which Hangzhou main city, Hangzhou Fuyang Central South, Hangzhou Xiaoshan West, Hangzhou Tonglu, Hangzhou, Northern, Hangzhou, Yuhang 25-50 mm, more than 50 mm, and the largest rainfall is the peace in the Rich Mountain Town, Fuyang. Hangzhou Meteorological Observatory said that "Canada" is accepted by the three high-pressure heaves in East, North, Whenevation, guiding the airflow is not clear, enter the cyclone or a slowest state. Wait until the 16th due to the west wind, it will quickly move toward 闵行水磨体验 the northeast direction as the southwest gas before the trough. "According to the typhoon ‘Canopy’ live path, it is more than about 100 kilometers compared with the previous forecast, so the wind and rain of Hangzhou is significantly lower than that of the original forecast.

Although the typhoon center is not logged in, the wind and rain have a big impact. "Hangzhou meteorological station staff introduced that since the typhoon will fall into a high-pressure surrounding circle, the inversion must not be stagnant. This way, its spiral cloud will continue to affect Hangzhou, 14th, 15th, Hangzhou East and North District There is a rainy rain in the county, and some of the rainstorms are heavy rainstorm. There are heavy rain in the mountains and other mountains. There are 6-8 gusts in the county in the eastern 上海kb名店 district, and the water and lakes and some mountainous areas such as Qiantang District have 9-10 gusts. Please pay attention to prevention.

  Hangzhou Meteorological Observatory is expected that "Canopy" has strong strength, the movement of 14-15, affecting Hangzhou time, accumulate rainfall, extreme precipitation in local areas, must pay special attention to the shortcoming of Tianmu Mountain and eastern mountainous area Mountain flood, mudslide, small and medium-sized watershed, urban and rural exemptions such as secondary disasters. (Editor: Sun Peng, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.