The U.S. new employment 390,000 unemployment rate in May maintained 3.6% in March


The U.S. new employment 390,000 unemployment rate in May maintained 3.6% in March

The U.S. new employment 390,000 unemployment rate in May maintained 3.6% in March

  China News Agency, Washington, June 3rd. The U.S. Department of Labor released data on the 3rd that the United States in May in May was 390,000 new employment, and the unemployment rate was flat at%in the third consecutive month.

  Under the pressure of high inflation, the US employment market basically continued a relatively stable trend in May.

The Associated Press believes that although the market is worried that the pace of interest rate hikes in the Fed will weaken the US economy, employment data in May reflects that the US employment market is still healthy.

  The employment growth of the United States in May mainly comes from leisure and hotel, professional and commercial services, transportation and warehousing.

Among them, the leisure and hotel industries have added 10,000 people, and newly increased their professional and business services.

The retail industry employment positions have increased negatively, and the posts are reduced in May. The data also shows that the US labor participation rate increased by a percentage point to%month -on -month. The average hourly salary of employees continued to rise, a month -on -month increase of%to dollars.

  The National Economic Survey report released by the Federal Reserve on June 1 shows that the US economy continues to grow and grows, and the labor market is still in short supply is the "biggest challenge" facing enterprises.

  "Signs show that the US labor market is moving towards a new balance.

"Wall Street Journal" analyzed that the dual pressure of recruitment shortage and rising salary has allowed companies to reduce the expansion plan. In the next 12 to 18 months, the US employment market is expected to end a strong growth momentum and enter the moderate growth range.

  After the above -mentioned employment data was released, the yields of US dollars and US Treasury bonds increased sharply. The market generally believes that the Federal Reserve will maintain a rate hike of 50 basis points in June and July. Bloomberg News pointed out that the employment data in May provides complex decision -making emotions for the Fed: the high inflation pressure requires a more radical monetary policy, but at the same time, it may eventually lead to weakening labor demand. (Editor in charge: Sun Dan).


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