Zhufeng Cultural and Creative Park has completed a total of 2.937 billion yuan in investment


Zhufeng Cultural and Creative Park has completed a total of 2.937 billion yuan in investment

Zhufeng Cultural and Creative Park has completed a total of 2.937 billion yuan in investment

Shigato Mount Everest Theater. The picture was provided by the Mount Everest Cultural and Creative Park. A few days ago, the China -Kazakhstan Zhufeng Cultural Tourism Creative Industrial Park, which is the theme of "Ruyi Mei Manor Enjoy New Life", was held in Lhasa.

A total of 3 projects were signed in this promotion, with a total investment of 100 million yuan.

At the same time, the reporter learned that as of now, Shigatse’s Everest Cultural Tourism Creative Industrial Park has settled in 14 enterprises, and has completed a total of 100 million yuan. The core project of Shigato’s style; introduced a number of corporate projects with cultural tourism characteristics, which greatly enhanced the development vitality of the park and enriched the development of the park.

  Accelerating the construction of the infrastructure construction of the park is located on the west side of the urban area of ??Shigatse, the Creative Industry Park of Hamagewee Culture Tourism, which laid the foundation and started construction in April 2017. In July 2018, it was approved by the Tibet Autonomous Region Cultural Industry Demonstration Park. It covers an area of ??more than 17,000 acres and has a planned area of ??9,975 acres. 14 companies settled in enterprises and completed a total of 100 million yuan.

The overall planning of the park is distributed in the shape of Ruyi.

  In recent years, Shigatse’s Everest Cultural Tourism Creative Industry Park has conscientiously implemented the party committee of the autonomous region and the government on the development of the "accelerate the development of the cultural tourism industry, and the requirements of the Hamagat into the Everest ecological tourism culture circle". The ideas of distinctive characteristics and clear style "focuses on the positioning of" Shigatse is the first to develop new landmarks for the cultural tourism industry, new windows that open to the outside world, new highlights of urban construction, and new highlands for industrial development ". And accelerate the pace of infrastructure construction.

  "We adhere to the principles of ‘one garden, one main business, one garden, one characteristic’, and adhere to the layout of" one heart, one net, four garden, five o’clock ", to create cultural tourism, commercial trade, comprehensive services, Everest experience, health vacation, health vacation, health vacation, health vacation, health vacation Integrity and other functions of rural leisure, gradually advance towards the green park, ecological park, and smart parks, and are committed to building the park into a new highland of Shigatse cultural tourism and new city tourism business cards. " Say.

  The construction of key projects has been completed. At present, the cultural exhibition park (core area) of Hamagewee’s Everest Cultural Tourism Creative Industrial Park (core area) has begun to take shape.

Key projects such as the Everest Grand Theater, Shigatse Museum, Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition Center, Tourist Service Center, National Fitness Activity Center, Xianghu Holiday Hotel, Tibetan Medicine Theme Health Hotel and other key projects have been basic construction. The reporter learned that the total construction area of ??the Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition and Exhibition Center is 40,000 square meters, with a total of 3 floors and a total investment of 100 million yuan. The center focuses on the national -level, autonomous region -level, and municipal levels such as national -level, autonomous regions, and municipal levels. It uses physical display to systematically describe the long and twists and turns of artworks from far away to contemporary art.

  The Hikaro Mount Everest Grand Theater is currently the highest altitude theater in the world with an area of ??about 10,000 square meters. The total investment of the project construction is about 100 million yuan, the total building is 47 meters high, and the theater can accommodate 1,600 audiences. It is a professional theater that integrates musicals, dramas, operas, dances, dramas, dramas, concerts, large -scale literary performances, conferences, lectures, live activities, live broadcasts, and exhibitions.

  The first gas film structure stadium Shigatse National Fitness Activity Center is the first fitness venue of the gas film structure in Shigatse. It is a multi -functional comprehensive venue. The total area is 5879 square meters. There are three balls of badminton, basketball, table tennis and a performing arts area. The wet area is a swimming pool and water park. The museum covers many people who like to see.

  At the same time, the reporter learned that the Everest experience hall, RV camps, high -end boutique hotels, cultural tourism comprehensive style districts, national competitive sports centers, low -altitude flight tourism and other projects will be launched to China.

  The person in charge said that in the future, the development of the park will take Tibetan culture as the soul and the tourism industry as the body. "The principle of" the hometown of the world Thangka "and" the hometown of the world’s hometown ", and strive to build the park into a" cultural tourism integration high -quality development pilot zone, Tibetan cultural centralized exhibition area, and world tourism destination service area " , Modern Fashion Creative Cultural Culture Gathering Area, South Asian Business Exchange Open Hub "," make the cultural tourism industry a new engine of Japan -Kazakhstan’s economic growth. (Responsible editor: Chen Mengmeng).


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