Winter Fair: Altay Exhibition Powerful "Circle Powder"


Winter Fair: Altay Exhibition Powerful "Circle Powder"

Winter Fair: Altay Exhibition Powerful "Circle Powder"

Original title: Altay Exhibition Power "Circle Powder" September 3, 2021 International Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo unveiled the China International Service Trade Fair in 2021, of which "Pure Pure Pure Pure Pure Poster Kazako, Snow Edu Altai" theme Aletai District Exhibition Hall is particularly eye-catching. The Altai District Exhibition Hall is located on the 6th Hall of 2021 Service and Trade Center. It has an ancient fur ski display area, the pavilion area, the ice and snow consultation area, etc. Exhibitors, the audience has left a deep impression. Beijing citizen Zhang Han took the child to experience ancient fur ski.

"Very interesting, I hope to have the opportunity to travel to Altai.

"Zhang Wei said. According to the introduction, there are 4 county and city scenic spots in Altai. 5 companies have given four categories of 73 kinds of products. It is important to introduce the ice and snow sports, ice and snow tourism in Altai region, and further expand the" human ski origin "" The popularity, reputation and influence of Kanas Xuedu Altai.

"We want to pass this platform, attract more snowy friends to Altay ski, leisure vacation.

"Deputy Margin, deputy mayor of Altai City.

It is reported that the county and city scenic spots of the exhibit have brought high quality winter sports and tourism resources, and the horsepower promotion promotion is opened. Among them, Fuhai County has been exhibited from the winter tourism souvenirs and agricultural and sideline products. The Cocoa International Ski Resort in Fuyun County has attracted a large number of guests to stop. In recent years, Altai region has adhered to the development idea of ??"taking tourism as the main body, taking a production, and 2 yields", forming "summer heat, winter and snow, spring and autumn, two rivers, two lakes, four seasons Golden Trumps’ Tourism Pattern and Summer "Three-axis N Ring", Winter "Four Districts Area" product system.

It is understood that Xuedu Altai is located at 45 degrees from Norta-47-47 degree world ski gold belt, with an average snow thickness of more than 1 meter. The year-old snowfall period is 170-180 days, and the snow is 150-180 days. It is China’s highest quality One of the natural ski areas. In recent years, Altay has invested 4 billion yuan, and 10 ski resorts were developed.

On March 12 this year, Xinjiang and Jilin signed a jointly created China (Changbai Mountain – Altai Mountain) Ice and Snow Economic High Quality Development Test Area Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement, opened the new era of Altai ice and snow tourism.

Data show, October 16, 202, April 30, 2021, Winter Tourism in Altai area received 11.45 million domestic tourists, a year-on-year growth rate; achieving tourism income billion, year-on-year growth%. Aleti Region Deputy Director Wang Hao said: "The ice and snow culture of Altai area is deep, and the resources of the development of the ice and snow industry have improved the popularity of Altai ice and snow, transforming the ice and snow ‘cold resources’ into the ‘thermal economy’." (Black Hongwei) (Editor: Yang Rui, Han Ting) Sharing let more people see.


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