Wipe red culture "new business card" construction to make the old people live a "red sample"


Wipe red culture "new business card" construction to make the old people live a "red sample"

Wipe red culture "new business card" construction to make the old people live a "red sample"

The party construction leads to the consensus, and the "battle fortress" of the good days have rushed to the development path of "Good Day". Linyi County combines the party members, branches, branches, and party committees, building strong grassroots organizations, pay attention to convenience Limin, truly to do practical things for the people, lead the masses to get rich together, let the party’s tradition, and the red gene is passed down. Zhu Village is a red fort. As early as 1939, he established the first Village Party Branch of Linyi County. It has a glorious revolutionary tradition and a good mass base. It continued to continue to promote the glorious tradition, unity and lead the party members and cadres and masses. Both build innovation, fully build a model-oriented party organization, pioneering party organization, service party organization.

Branch is a good "leader".

In accordance with the "Party Branch + Cooperative" Flight Experience + Vacation Leisure "In one modern agricultural demonstration park, it is guided to establish fruit planting cooperatives, transportation cooperatives, vegetable planting cooperatives, etc., unified seedlings, management, sales, and households have increasing more than 30,000 yuan.

Practice the "Party Branch + Enterprise", jointly build a weapon processing workshop, plush toy workshop and clothing workshop, use large-scale, intensive, histological and organize the work of Working farmers, develop industries, integrate funds, and jointly get rich together . Party members strive to be "rim".

The Village Party Branch and "Steel Eight", "Party Construction Agreement", innovation implementation "Branch is built in grid", explores gridized service management, and village cadres performance rewards, party members’ points quantitative management, civilized household selection, etc. The activity hooks, more than 20 people were rated as a good communist party member, moral model, entrepreneurial model, more than 300 families, was rated as "five good families" "spiritual civilization households", and the big event is not Village. Established Zhu Zun Development Promotion Association, filial piety and pension fund, implemented grids, party members, exploration, can help village, Wu Laozhi village, Village, Village, Wutai Village, etc. Governance new path.

The "Party Membership Commitment", "Party Members, Pioneer", "Party Member Tie, Help", etc. Name, driving more than 200 people, the masses, get rich.

Serving the people "intimate people". Implement the "Red Help Office" service, implement the "small micro-power list" system, clearly more than 60 work, 20 government service, implement the door, the village cadres and party members turned around, establishing a dry group month and On behalf of the issuance system, realize the "one-stop" "agent" "click" service.

In recent years, Zhu Zun has emerged in the obligation to explain the Wang Jingchen, the compulsory member Zhong Yun, the new era of Yimeng, the poor "six sisters", "the model", the world is treated in the masses.


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