Wu Guoping: How to force the high quality development of ordinary high school


Wu Guoping: How to force the high quality development of ordinary high school

Wu Guoping: How to force the high quality development of ordinary high school

  ■ Focus on high quality development high quality development is an important task and era proposition in the new era of ordinary high school education. As a period of the provincial modernization high school, the provincial-level high school, the provincial level, and the provincial secondary school, from the 1980s and 1980s, the exploration of the high-quality connotation development, in the new century, especially As the promulgation implementation of important documents such as "guidance on the reform of the new era" and the guidance of a reform of ordinary high school education, we have continuously promoted the construction of personalized campus, build quality education, and implement a series of "core-core cultural cockroaches". The teaching and reform project, on the pursuit of high-quality connotation development, from the simple, voluntary height, accumulating a certain experience, has accumulated a certain degree of experience, and has a good development of high quality and high quality development in depth. Inheritance and innovation. Concentrate, interacting, high-level concept, school, school, school, need to have its own educational philosophy, educational ideas, and form an intrinsic logic in long-term development. Zhenhai Middle School crashed into a unique spiritual quality and value system in the process of running a hundred years, including the spirit of the town, teachers, professional awareness, behavioral characteristics and school-running concept, school goals, training objectives, curriculum construction Requirements, teachers’ self-regulation, teacher life concept, teacher action slogan and teacher’s red line, etc. resolution. School education is leading, transcendence and forward-looking.

It is like a composition writing poetry, and it is a key point that we must grasp when we condensed the concept system.

Zhenhai Middle School was determined at the beginning of school, "Zhi Zhi, Sensitive, Governance, and Society" as the direction of school. At the beginning, the high-quality development of high quality education has laid a high-quality school positioning. The author began as the principal of Zhenhai Middle School in August 2000, from the sincere respected of this historical collee, and the unremitting pursuit of educational nature, ideal state, through conscious learning and practice, by the Ministry of Education Middle School President Training Center, Zhejiang Provincial Education Science Research Institute and platform for education administrative departments and academic institutions at all levels of the provinces, constantly exploring, practicing, refining, and improving their educational thoughts and management models, which have made "education, focus on consciousness, Expensiveness "The concept and practice system, advancing with the times and the concept of running schools continue to lead the school from excellent to excellence.

  Constructing the economic and social development of economic and social development, education teaching reform, and school self-development of school self-quality development, realizing high-quality development of high-quality connotation in ordinary high school, focusing on the development of different stages concerned and mental transformation Upgrade, construct a practical system that can self-adapt and self-transcendence. In the first decade of the new century, we adhere to the combination of inheritance and innovation, fully excavate, integrate, expand a variety of resources, and build a personalized campus with "humanities, harmony, independent", will "humanities, harmony, Independent "three school cultural traits penetrate into a comprehensive learning community including material environment, spiritual environment, management system, interpersonal relationship, education activities, education and teaching model, to make the school cultural system in various parts, levels, and morphology Quality changes, glow new brilliance. With the deepening of Zhejiang curriculum reform, the creation of high schools in the characteristics, we upgrade quality education in the construction of personalized campus, establish the triple connotation of quality education: the focus on chasing students, pursue excellence; Educational ecology; focus on pursuing education.

The school integrates the three major strategies for teachers, management as the rack, and culture as the soul, achieving five leaps: management innovation, realizing the across rigid management to elastic management and management conscious leaps; curriculum innovation, implementation from closed unity The course to the opening of a multi-selection course; teaching innovation, achieving the leap from low-efficiency one-dimensional teaching to efficient three-dimensional teaching; teachers construction innovation, realize the leap in the quality of teaching business to comprehensive quality growth; cultural innovation, achieve from static plane Passive accepted the span of dynamic stereo, the main body creation. The effective landing of core literacy depends on the cultivation of school specialization.

At the end of 2017, we became the first opportunity for the first batch of "派 教育 科技 培 中心 中心", we have begun to explore the specialization of the specialization and cultivation of the core literacy school of ordinary high school students, identify learning, creativity, leadership, aesthetics, and autonomy. "Five Forces" is the core literacy of the students of Zhenhai Middle School, adopted the school culture infiltration, the curriculum system is perfect, the school education is innovative, and the improvement of career education is improved.

In the past few years, we have led a batch of disciplines and teachers to carry out specific, in-depth and subtle research practices in their respective disciplines and jobs, and have better achieved cultivation of core literacy. Under the school education of new crown epidemic, need to rethink and explore a series of questions: What kind of person we need to cultivate? What kind of basic literacy should be laid a student? What kind of people can adapt and create future? Combined with the training objectives, historical inheritance and school culture, we clarify the development of students in the town of Zhenhai Middle School in the context of the epidemic, including strengthening ideological leaders, target leadership, ability leads.

  High-quality, connotation-based development is not one, and it is not possible to have a history, the development status of the school, the development status, the development status, the development status, the development status, the development status of the school. On the basis of the development of the genetics, value positioning and mental temperament, it is great in the basis of highlighting its own advantages.

  Our school has excellent tradition in cultivating tip innovative people. The school attaches great importance to the cultivation of specialty students in literature and sport, art, etc. in the 1980s, and continuously explores the ways and strategies of qualificatory cultivation. At the end of the last century, the school "The Practice of Students’ Best Development Teaching Mode" won the first basic education teaching achievement award in Zhejiang Province. After entering the new century, we have boldly explored in innovative talent training, establish the basic ideas and overall goals of innovative talent training, forming a cultural invasion mechanism, two-end extension joint training mechanism, feature courses to deepen construction mechanism, innovative education Teacher training mechanism, teaching ecological innovation mechanism, explore a series of effective paths, methods, content, and carriers, forming a school education system conducive to innovative talents, has achieved significant results, our school is in innovative A number of indicators of the aspect have been awarded the first place in Zhejiang Province for many years. For another example, we propose "five power" both include the common content of the state, and it has highlighted the characteristics of schools that are integrated with historical, cultural inheritance, value pursuit, development vision and sources, teachers, regional factors, etc.; Inheritance of past experience, there is more expenses, and the future forward-looking considerations.

  The reason why "learning" is placed in "five power" is based on our school as a academic common high school, and the high school level is the "primary marker" of the image of our students.

We advocate "learning power", not limited to high scores, high-level learning rate, but emphasizing the process of score, this is a scientific capabinement including learning attitude, method, habits, strategy, interest, potential, etc. .

In this regard, our discipline research team and teacher explored a long-term teaching practice, and the focus of the first phase of our school graduates in the first phase of our school is to adapt to the high school learning model, a little correction Improve their habits, and even how to listen to how to listen, how to do notes.

We also launched a school-based course for "learning strategies" and "value education" against high school.

In these two years, we also organized backbone teachers to open a series of lectures of the core literacy improvement of the disciplines, and were sought after by students. From the campus culture, our school has a unique 28 in-school sea defense site, patriotic education base and cultural attractions. We fully explore its cultural value and educational significance, and effectively strengthen the party building leadership, and strive to be "red three lessons", ready to study The first lesson, at each lesson, graduated the last lesson. The school party committee has organized three major theme activities around the party history: systemic launching "General Secretary leading the main melody" special learning activities, serialization launched the "Red Thinking I am in my heart" teaching and research practice activities, diversified "my heart" Building a Dream to the Party "Literary Culture.

Since the results of the student’s national conditions have been highlighted, at the 100th Anniversary Conference of the Communist Party of China, the Party Committee of the School was awarded the honor of the National Advanced Grassroots Party Organization.

  Ordinary high school high quality development is that educators must carefully answer the propositions, we must deeply understand the new era of the party and people’s new requirements for ordinary high school education, but also to combine the actual situation, innovative thinking, system planning, practical Work, further highlight your own advantages and features. (The author is the principal of Zhejiang Zhenhai Middle School).


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