Zhou Premier Assistant Bear Zhao Hui: The past in the heart [6]


Zhou Premier Assistant Bear Zhao Hui: The past in the heart [6]

Zhou Premier Assistant Bear Zhao Hui: The past in the heart [6]

  To be honest, Premier Zhou, Premier Zhou, the Tall Conference, but he has been leading the handling of this matter.

Premier Zhou took into account that we were negotiated separately and the UK, so it was negotiated with the United Kingdom in India. Because the aircraft is India, 8 people died in the unit, live 3. Premier Zhou was so busy in Bandung. He still met the British to investigate incidents in Britain, requiring the United Kingdom to allow Chinese and India to negotiate to Hong Kong to negotiate to provide relevant situations. The British Prime Minister Aden did not agree, and finally agreed. Indonesi Hurlapaded a representative, Zhou Prime Minister sent me as a representative of China.

  The plane explosion is a shark into a group. According to international law, it is the sea area of ??Indonesia, which is responsible for salvage by Indonesia.

The 3 people in the Indian unit swim in a small island, and those who have salvage them are already unfair. Premier Zhou let the Embassy in the Indian Embassy apprentice to Singapore, because the things that salvage are shipped by the British warship to Singapore. The body of fishing is Chinese, ingenuity, sending the ashes to Banlong, Premier Zhou personally brought it back.

Premier Zhou let me go to Hong Kong. He said: Sign with negligence, he will die, it is clear, and the result is still dead.

He is very difficult to indicate the cemetery of the comrades who sacrificed the sacrificed "Kashmir Princess" in Babao Mountain. He also question the words and went to pay homage.

India’s unit sacrificed 5 people, Premier Zhou made my family in the Indian embassy or the consulate of the generals to condolence their families.

According to Zhou Enlai, China has opened a large-scale memorial meeting in Zhongshan Park, and Chairman Mao sent a wreath.

  Premier Zhou met with the British representative several times at Bandung, and then invited them to Beijing, let me go to Hong Kong with him.

After 3 months, the British asked a statement and acknowledged the murderer to Taiwan.

Premier Zhou proposed to investigate this incident in the proposal of India, and the India is also united and struggled.

This struggle art is too strong. This thing is also recognized by Taiwan, but they didn’t speak very well.

  Before we went to Hong Kong, Premier Zhou said: This incident sacrifies 11 people, unsemprecious sacrifices, can no longer sacrifice. He and the Si European Division of Western European, Huang Hua, who came to Wanlong, and then he was in the British Du Wewishe to say that he must ensure safety.

I also brought one machine and password telegram. Premier Zhou specially mentioned the Hong Kong Dadong telegraph report, through the Shanghai submarine cable power report (how many years did not pass), 24-hour dayday duty, at any time.

Premier Zhou is particularly over, where you are there, always report. I am there, the Hong Kong authorities sent people to Luohu to pick up, and the front is a guard car. The place where I live is the Shanmata Ridge, Xinhua News Agency, in Hong Kong Branch, several posts, which have discovered unreliable to change.

I feel that Premier Zhou’s concern and works, wholeheartedly, considering thoughtful. (The author is the assistant of Premier Zhou, the former deputy director of the Ministry of Central Committee, the former vice president of the Chinese People’s Diplomatic Association).


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