Xi’anmen Street restores the old street style rectification to enhance the "July 1"


Xi’anmen Street restores the old street style rectification to enhance the "July 1"

Xi’anmen Street restores the old street style rectification to enhance the "July 1"

Original title: Xi’anmen Street restores the old street style in Xi’anmen Street in Xicheng District, the building group headed by the Red House Public Tibetan Book Building has been "unloaded" the mortar, revealing the red brick outside.

Ming and Qing style, new Chinese, all ages of all ages in the founding of the People’s Republic of China showed a multi-diverse, and solemn street. Our reporter said the reporter Zhang Wei, Zhang Wei, Qi Fu, the right street, west to Xi’an Sixth Street, more than 800 meters long Xi’anmen Street through Beijing Huangcheng Essence. At the end of April this year, this street launched the upgrade, "July 1", Xi’anmen Street will complete the transformation and restore the style of old street. The "whistle" mechanism is built in Xi’anmen Street, which was built in the Yuanzi, which was an important channel connected inside and outside the Huangcheng.

Today, this street is the important government affair street in the capital, and there are Northern Maternal and Child Hospital, 305 Hospitals, etc. Before the rectification is improved, it has been troubled by the "two-headed" traffic. The streets of the east section are the first hospital of Peking University. Xi’anmen Street Reconstruction Enhancement Project Ministry, the head of the project, Zhou Wei and designer Shi Qi will come here every day.

Zhou Wei said, especially the non-motorized lane in the north side of the east section, almost blocked the motor vehicle, causing a small security hidden danger to the riding crowd.

Compared to the "dynamic" congestion in the east section, traffic problems in the west section of Xi’anmen Street are "static".

Due to the lack of parking resources, there is a parking lot relatively open on both sides of the road. In order to be more efficient and rapidly promoted, Xi’anmen Street is transformed, Xicheng District Innovation Working Mechanism, in the land street as the leading unit, whistle, the traffic committee, regulations, the Ministry of Commerce, etc., through regular scheduling and cooperative action , Plug in "wings" to the project. Hard work pays off, after more than half a month of hard work, 183 shot piles on both sides of the streets, champagne colored railings have been divided into motor vehicles and non-motor vehicle boundaries, and share bicycles are also available.

Messy and unordered vehicles have finally disappeared.

  There is still a lot of work in the collection of the book.

In the mobile phone album of Designer Shiqi, there are more than 300 pieces of similar pictures. Take a closer look, all the red building public Tibetan books in the west side of Xi’anmen Street. The photo is a gray wall facade facade in the north side of Tibetan Tower.

"The ash wall is sprayed, covering the original wall texture of the building." Shiqi said that the red building public Tibetan book building is the red building cinema, according to the minimum intervention, to reduce the original appearance of the architecture.

That is, the surface mortar is removed by technical means, and the true color is exposed. However, it is shallowed and unloaded, and it is deeply afraid to hurt the bone.

  During the construction process, Shiqi and more than 30 workers master gradually becomes: the brick surface was grinded by one millimeter, and the brick stitch did not exceed three millimeters. After more than a month, more than 400 square meters of walls were grinded. Carefully observe that the red brick brick surface can be seen in the slogan and slogan of the slogan. The small courtyard is still shattering some "addition" is also quietly carried out, such as the adverse modification of the 119 Xi’an Gate. The 80-year-old Sun Zhixuan is one of the 119 hits.

Over the years, the stairs of the hospital have become the heart of her and the old neighbors. During the prior visitor of the project team, she took the initiative: Can you change the stairs of the hospital to a barrierless ramp? After the rectification group, the design side was patient and communicated with each household, many on-site investigation, and finally the residents of the whole hospital agreed with the design plan proposed by the rectification group. Sun Zhixuan’s desire to achieve it. Before the "July 1", Xi’anmen Street will officially appear.

At that time, the street architecture is multi-blending, the overall tone of the solemnity, and the forest is smooth and the health of the riding. (Editor: Mensus, Bao Congying).


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