Xiaomi Ecological Chain Company Zhimi Technology also has to make a car


Xiaomi Ecological Chain Company Zhimi Technology also has to make a car

Xiaomi Ecological Chain Company Zhimi Technology also has to make a car

  For this thing, Xiaomi and its friends seem to prefer "seeking people to ask for self".

Xiaomi Motor has built a 500-person team and settled in Yizhuang. On December 13, there was news that Xiaomi Holdings Ecological Chain Company – Zhimi Technology also added to the car army and will form a bunch of car teams, and still choose "single dry". . From the announcement, the millet ecological chain of the backed-on-backed millet became one of the core competitiveness of future millet cars.

Industry insiders said that in the face of new energy auto markets that are increasingly competitive, Xiaomi cars want to highlight the strength to maximize their advantages, but the intersection of Xiaomi’s growth is the best choice, the same ecological chain enterprise join the competition It can also better help the car sector grow in the millet ecological chain, and further broaden the coverage. While the holding company is in the end of the car, while another company, another company in its ecological chain will enter the bureau.

  It is reported that the direction of the piping of Zhimi Technology is a passenger car, and the first model will launch SUV. At the same time, the automotive design company and Zhi Mome are connected to the whole vehicle design. The sky-eyed shows that the Zhimi science and legal representative of the Zhimi jointly founder Liu De, accounting for 95% of the stock, and the CEO Su Jun shares were 5%.

In April 2015, Zhi Mi Technology completed the A round financing, and investing together by Chan, GGV and Chenxing; in April 2016, after investing in B-round financing by GiC Singapore government investment company, the Zhimi Technology is estimated. US $ 1 billion.

  In addition to consulting with design companies, the above news shows that Zhi Mi Technology is forming a built-in car team to promote the project.

It is reported that Ma Yongdong, head of electric vehicle project in front of the Panja Auto Technology Center, has been joined, responsible for the intersection of the intersection.

In addition, staff from Beiqi Electronics Electrical Architecture also joined Zhimi Technology in the near future.

  For Zhimi Technology, the endorsement of Ma Yongdong and its Pan Asian Automotive Technology Center is not related.

According to the data, the Pan Asian Automotive Technology Center is set up by the GM and Shanghai Automotive Industry (Group) Corporation. Since its establishment, the Pan Asian Automobile Technology Center completed the development and development of multiple projects, not only for the development of a manual transmission, but also participated in the R & D work of a series of major models, including the large Trick Baiko Modified development work and research and development of Cadillac SLS luxury sedan.

At the same time, the Pan Asian Automotive Technology Center also participated in the development of EVAMOTENTENTANDENT. Industry insiders believe that Zhi Mi Technology has rely on the growth of Xiaomi and does not have experience in the car, so the first step in entering the car is from talents. In response to the programs, Beijing Business Daily reporters contact Zhi Mi Technology, but as of the press release, it has not been reply. Ecological chain breaks outside guessing, as a member of the millet ecological chain, Zhi Mi Technology Incoming Car is related to Xiaomi.

  In March this year, Xiaomi Group issued an announcement that the company plans to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary, responsible for smart electric vehicle business, the first investment is 10 billion yuan, and it is expected that the investment of 10 billion US dollars in the next decade, the chairman of Xiaomi Group Lei Jun Smart Electric Auto Business CEO; September, Xiaomi Automobile Substitution officially established, headquartered in Beijing, factory also settled Yizhuang. At present, Xiaomi Automobile team has expanded rapidly, has formed a R & D team of more than 500 people, and the Xiaomi Auto Plan will launch the first model in the first half of 2024. Although the millet is speeding up, the new energy car market in this time will also enter the white heat, the new power of the car is three strong, Xiaopeng, the ideal product camp continues to expand, independent brands choose to launch multiple brands, and joint ventures And the luxury brand products have also landed, the millet cars landed in 2024, in the future, in the future, the new energy automobile market competition will face a malfight, how to break around the problem that Xiaomi needs to think. However, Xiaomi is confident in this.

According to its planning, the first model launched three years later, the first year will plan to sell 100,000 units. In fact, the confidence in the millet is from the existing ecological chain of Xiaomi. Relying on the small rice from the mobile phone, build an ecological chain around the mobile phone, and the surrounding products include headphones, speakers, mobile power, etc .; home appliances include air purifiers, water purifiers and rice cookers. In addition, technology products such as drone, machines are also included.

With the admission of millet and Zhimi technology, the car will also become an important part of the Xiaomi ecological chain. "The ecological chain is the biggest advantage of millet car and Zhimi Technology." Yan Jinghui, member of the Chinese Automobile Flow Association Expert Committee, said that Xiaomi’s layout is clear, its product line is not possible to establish an absolute advantage in each field, However, it is necessary to meet the consumer demand, so Xiaomi chooses to cooperate with other enterprises. Nowadays, the ecological chain enterprise Zhi Mhem technology has also been followed in Xiaomi, and the future car market will fight the future. Not only that, not only for Zhi Mi Technology, continuously enriched product categories to become its way of operation. Su Jun said: "In the ecological chain, we calculate the product structure, and many other companies are single categories.

"In his opinion, the risk of a single class cannot provide a strong" protective bar "to entrepreneurship.

Relying on millet ecology chain and millet strong fan group and brand back book, it is only a lack of drug experience.

  Industry insiders said that if Zhi Mi Technology admitted to the bureau, it will provide some support in technology millet. At the same time, two companies in the product layout will also form product differentiation, cover more consumer groups to address market competition. Beijing Business Daily reporter Liu Yang Liu Xiaomang.


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